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The Prodigious Epoch

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Our culture of creature comforts is a powerful distraction from our spiritual identity.

Despite the fact that we go to Target or Walmart, work jobs that most of us do not like, and nurse dead relationships amid the humidity and stench of rot, we as individuals and as a collective are electro-magnetically animated entities that are on a journey of consciousness evolution, whether we like it or not.

Personally speaking, and maybe you can relate to this too, for the majority of my life, up until recently, I had been clunking around the prison bars of a subconscious structure that’s foundation had been laid long ago.

The mechanistic identity that had been constructed from childhood abuse informed my role in my relationships: servant, sacrificial bull, unimportant, employee of the Needs-of-The-Other-Corporation (with no benefits). I do not proclaim victimhood, because codependency, like narcissism is a means to an end for the ego to function from. I mention this imprisoning consciousness structure because until this last year, it has informed the quality, quantity, historical resonance, and potential of my life.

The journey outside of the prison walls is just beginning for me, and it is wildly evident that I am capable of far more than I could have imagined within the imprisoning structures my ego and my codependent relationships. I have only been able to understand this through being alone, and in particular living through the quarantine, almost entirely by myself. This experience of confinement and isolation has led me to myself; to my identity, that has nothing to do with relationships that service my or my partners spiritually inferior ego.

Identity and ego are two separate things. Ego is a bi-product of this physical dimension: it sprouts from the singular mind that needs to believe in separation in order to survive in this world. Identity is something else, something that I am just discovering and hesitate to speak on its definition at this burgeoning time, but I will have more to say on this subject in time.

We’ve come to a time in our society where we have exhausted the usefulness of the secular ego. We can see now that the belief in separateness, if gone unchecked, metastasizes into things like corporate greed that disenfranchises employees, political agenda that has nothing to do with the people that the politicians are supposed to be serving, and an endless catalogue of broken personal relationships, families, and communities. While we are still afforded the grace of existing on this planet, we are being directed to evolve past what we have created: past the destructive reign of the ego.

We all knew it was coming. Some of us thought it would be nuclear war, others thought the inevitable climate catastrophe would accelerate (which it is), others thought we would just blow each other up, like old times. We all knew that the change that is before us now would come. Some knew they would see it in their lifetimes, others thought that they wouldn’t. We knew that the end of life as we knew it was near. Personally, I did not correlate the once impending prodigious epoch with a collective ego death.

But here we are.

So that's my theory: we are experiencing a collective ego death.

The psychological structures that have secretly imprisoned us our entire lives are being dismantled. Each person is experiencing this in a personal way, but as a collective we are all experiencing the same thing. What are we capable of when we grow beyond the confines of our limiting ego? It may take some time, and more dismantling, but we can solve a lot of our most pressing problems if we think past our egos. Things like the redistribution of wealth, universal health care, and a clean atmosphere, are answers to an equation that is locked inside of our collective consciousness, and the ego has the key. As the ego must surrender in our personal experiences in order to move forward (is anyone else getting the feeling that you don't have a choice?), so must the ego surrender on a collective level in order to unlock our potential and set our future free.

It is fractal: as above so below, as the macro so the micro.

Many of us do not know that we were imprisoned, and even if we knew that we were oiling our own chains, walking away from the past is still hard because we don't have anything else to grab on to, and the risk of cataclysmic failure is palpable, and it seems real enough to keep us inside of the prison gate. I don't know how to do it, but I am going to try and let go. I am going to try to stop empowering my ego, to allow the power of my soul to transfer to my identity, and see what I can accomplish as a whole person, not just a mechanistic survival overlay. I'll try my best, or what I think is my best, I've never done this before.

I'm not here to offer answers. I am hear to acknowledge what we are all going through is real, and it has purpose. We are experiencing a collective ego death, in order to evolve to the next stage of human existence, this is our rite of passage: The Rite of Spring. The other side of this experience is totally obscured, but it must be a more fruitful existence outside of the prison walls, it must be.

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