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Spiritual Astrology

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

The fourth dimension is stylized with patterns.

Some patterns like the elegant spiral of a seashell, or the hypnotizing swirl of a baby ostrich fern are calculable and knowable. Other patterns are subtler and more exotic, as they remain largely cloaked in the mystique of our unconscious. Like the Fibonacci sequence that determines the shape of seashells, the shape of the Milky Way galaxy, and the way your coffee swirls when you stir it, there is also a fractal propagation of psychic energy that contours the shape of our lives.

But we are not the recipients of cosmic dictation. Our lives and the dramas of planet earth play out in sync with the geometric expose of poetry and fate that we see unfolding in the glittering night sky. The old axiom “as above so below” holds true today as it did in ancient times. Rather than being affected by the planets, the planets are our guideposts for the journey of self-discovery that we each face within ourselves. As we journey through this mortal plane of existence we are also on a spiritual journey, and the choices that we make should be spiritually informed and consciously unbounded.

Rather than encouraging a sort of spiritual co-dependence and relying on Astrology as an “all seeing eye”, Astrological events, the study of, and the meaning contained within them should be viewed through the lens of your own eager-to-expand consciousness.

Astrological events contain a spectrum of potential energy, and your consciousness selects the specificity along that spectrum and manifests what you choose to acknowledge within yourself. So, while it is helpful to know that the Capricorn full moon in your eighth house will transform the structures of your spirit and manifest the internal change that you have been cultivating, the true power of the full moon lay within the excavation of your own subconscious, and how deeply you are willing to explore your own mind.

Bathe in the light of the moon; bathe in the light of your mind.

Astrology is not here to tell us when it’s going to be over, when it’s going to get here, or who’s it going to be. Astrology is here to show us our connection to the psychic energy matrix that connects and animates the universe, and to remind us that within the sparkling super mystery that our potential is infinite, and that we alone set our own limits.

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